How Many Types of Solar LED Street Lights in the Market?

How Many Types of Solar LED Street Lights in the Market? Speaking of solar led street light, you may be a little confused by the structures and appearances. So what are the differences and how to make a choice ?

Here we would help to separate them in terms of appearance. While firstly you need to have a basic understanding of its components, which include solar panel, battery, controller and LED module as 4 main parts.

There are two main series available in the market.

1. All in one solar LED street lights( or integrated) Quite simple, all in one means that the full lamp comes in one piece. Images enclosed.

solar led street light

2. Split solar LED street light.

There are two types of split form: semi-split and full-split and Full-split solar LED street light

2.1 Semi- split solar LED street lights.

Semi split street lights come with two parts, lamp body and solar panel. Battery installed in lamp housing is the main feature.

2.2 Full-split solar LED street lights. Full split lamps have three parts, including lamp body, solar panel and battery.

You may be wondering what makes this series meaningful?

The fact is that when space of lamp housing is too small to contain the battery , we have to make it independent. Either to bury the battery (typically gel battery) underground or get a container for it to be bound to the lamp pole or solar cell frame.

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