How to buy solar street light ?

buy solar street light

Problem of buy solar street light  

After the rapid development of solar street lights in recent years, it has matured.
Its mature, intelligent, and stable control technology, coupled with energy-saving features,
a short investment return period, and easy maintenance in the later period, have attracted many suppliers and purchases.
Commercial and government units, They all started buy solar street light.
However, in the actual reference scene, some problems are also exposed,
such as the problems of low lighting brightness, short lighting time, poor quality of individual parts, and short life.

Why is there such a problem of buy solar street light?

It is understood that there are too many solar street light manufacturers in the market, and the categories are also diverse.
The product quality is also uneven. In addition, the market competitiveness has increased continuously over the past few years.
Many customers, compared with unscrupulous manufacturers, take risks for profit, cut corners and cut materials,
resulting in short life of street lamps and increased failure rates.
Let’s take a look at the password of the solar industry together.

One. Channels to buy solar street light and fitting

In order to save costs, some incompetent manufacturers make a big fuss about the accessories of solar street lights,
and purchase some third-tier unqualified suppliers’ accessories, such as: battery panels, battery capacity, light sources, etc.,
will be purchased from some informal accessories manufacturers,
The price is low and the quality is poor. They can only meet the customer’s low price requirements,
but they cannot give the customer the quality assurance they really need.

Two:Judgment of performance components

The internal solar system components are mainly composed of battery panels, controllers, solar batteries, light sources, light poles, and auxiliary materials.
1. Controller: It is relatively simple to choose the controller, and understand its waterproof performance.
2. Solar panel: consider the color difference, charging current, open circuit voltage, material, conversion efficiency and other factors of the photovoltaic panel.
3. Storage battery: You should know the specific type, discharge rate, working environment, etc.
4. Light source: There are many manufacturers of light sources, but the number of manufacturers that pass the product quality is not too many.
Choosing a brand light source is the most important step to ensure quality.
Otherwise, failure or even damage may occur, which may cause the application of solar street lights Great negative impact.
5. Light poles and accessories: it depends on the material. Most suppliers use pipe diameters, wall thicknesses, and other shortcomings.
Poor quality steel with cold galvanized surface results in poor wind resistance and poor surface treatment technology,
which will cause problems such as plastic layer peeling and discoloration in a short time .

Three. Manufacturer qualification

Although many manufacturers purchase good quality accessories, the stability of the products they produce is not so strong when lighting,
the main reason is that there are corresponding problems in matching.
Matching performance is one of the very important indicators, so it is very important to understand the corresponding matching performance.

Fourth, the installation environment

Consider local environmental issues, climate, humidity, lighting, etc. Different roads with different climates also need to choose different materials.

Five, Price of solar street light

One thing to remember is that cheap prices are not necessarily good goods, because from the production,
assembly and distribution of various parts of street lamps, manufacturers need to earn a certain profit, including maintaining normal labor,
equipment, plant rent, daily expenses and other costs. Make a high-quality street light, the price must be higher in the industry,
cheap solar street light, the quality is problematic, the later maintenance costs will be higher, for users, the later maintenance will be worth the loss .
In summary: when choosing a high-quality solar street light, you need to consider many aspects and have a certain understanding of the strength of the manufacturer before you can find your favorite solar street light.


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