Lithium battery solar street light installation instructions

Many people are installing lithium battery solar lamps for the first time , which is not familiar with installation. My company has summarized the installation experience of solar lamps for your reference:

  1. Prepare in advance:

  The first step is to open the package of goods, take out Led lighting fixtures, photovoltaic brackets, solar panels, lithium batteries, nuts and spare parts, etc. (Remarks: 2-3 meters of wire for installation, 1st, 10th, 10th, No. 12 open end wrench, and No. 4 hex wrench)

  2, assembling street lights:

  First, the street lamp is tilted shortly, the head is placed on the ground, and the short head is placed at a distance of no less than 1.0 m from the ground. The wire is inserted from the top of the rod and taken out from the wiring of the lighting fixture, and then fixed at one end of the wire. Move the wire through the street light and the pick arm, and fix the pick arm nut.

  The solar panel is placed on the photovoltaic support, and the lithium battery is fixed with the nut on the photovoltaic support. Then, a line that has just been worn to connect the pick arm passes through the PV frame threading hole. Finally, the photovoltaic bracket is placed on the top of the street lamp at the same time. (Note: the installation orientation of the solar panel is always facing the south direction.) Tighten the PV bracket to fix the fixed nut.

  3, wiring:

  ?? Lighting wiring: first open the lighting, the wire led by the pick arm is connected to the inside of the lighting fixture, (note that the positive and negative poles can not be connected wrong) the red line is always positive, after the line is connected, the lighting fixtures are picked Arm, the light source is oriented towards the flange, tighten the nut, and cover the lighting fixture; then connect the other end of the lighting fixture line (and the wire that comes in from the PV bracket) to the line of the lithium battery lighting fixture interface.

  ‚ Solar power panel wiring: The first step is to open the black wire junction box under the solar power board, cut a wire of about 50cm, peel it through the wiring port, connect the red line to the positive level, and connect the black line to the negative pole. Attach the cover to the back cover; then connect the other end of the wire to the solar wiring port of the lithium battery.

  Turn on the lithium battery power switch, then the display light of the lithium battery will be on, wait for about 40 seconds, the lighting will be on for a while, then automatically extinguished, then the lithium battery, solar panel and lighting fixtures are completely normal. Do, you can stand up (note: if the lamp has not been bright for a long time, do not set up the street light, check carefully whether the wiring is all correct, or contact the factory, otherwise it will bring you unnecessary trouble, resulting in We are also not responsible for all losses).

  4. Set up street lights.

  When building a street light, you need a crane equipment. Use a crane to lift the street light off the ground. There are 2 to 3 people to stabilize the street light, adjust the street light irradiation position, pass the street lamp flange hole through the embedded part, and slowly put it down. The screw shim is tightened and the installation is complete.

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