How to choose battery of solar street lamp

Solar street light is popular with people as its efficient and energy-saving advantage.There are three kinds of solar battery, which are lithium iron phosphate battery, lead-acid battery and gel battery. Among them, lithium iron phosphate battery starts to get more and more favor from solar energy industry due to its service life higher than other two.So what are the advantages of lithium batteries?

solar street light

1.Dry cell property

A controllable, pollution-free energy storage battery is more stable and safer than lead-acid batteries.

2. Effiecient distribution of electricity levels

Based on the user’s demand for the remaining capacity of the battery, day and night timeand weather conditions, Solar street lamp lithium battery is able to distribute power levels reasonably to achieve the lighting control and time control.

3.Longer lifespan

The life of lithium battery is generally more than 10 years, while in the solar street lamp system, the life of LED light source is generally up to 10 years (about 50,000 hours). Lithium battery can be  matched with the systemperfectly, eliminating the tedious process of frequent battery replacement.

The lithium battery includes lithium iron phosphate battery and ternary lithium battery.We  learn the differences between them and how to choose the right battery.


1.Ternary lithium battery: higher specific energy, small size, charging faster.Ternary lithium battery with deep cycle times of about 500-800 times, life is about 1 times longer than lead-acid battery.Its temperature range of -15℃-60℃.But the disadvantage is that it is not very stable. Unqualified manufacturers’ ternary lithium batteries may explode or catch fire when they are overcharged or the temperature is too high.

2.lithium iron phosphate battery: higher specific energy, small size, fast charging, long service life, good stability. Of course, the highest price. With deep cycle charging times are about 1500-2000 times and long service life of 8-10 years, strong stability and wide range of temperature,  it can be used in -10℃-70℃.

Generally speaking, it is recommended to choose ternary lithium, because the price of lithium iron is 1/3 higher Ternary lithium.Using lithium iron to solar energy in the market, mostly suppliers use dismantle the battery or old battery to offer cheaper price . Its life cannot be guaranteed. when you see lithium iron is cheaper than ternary lithium, you know you’re using a detachable battery. Guangzhou Best Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd adopt (Garde A) lithium iron phosphate battery and ternary lithium battery. If you want to know more about this ,please contact us.

To sum up, lithium iron phosphate battery is better than ternary lithium , but the price is higher.And ternary lithium battery  is cost-effective, inexpensive.