How can we choose the integrated solar light or semi-solar street light?

There are many differences between integrated solar light and semi-solar light.

1. Flexibility

It is flexible for semi-solar solar light matches lithium battery capacity with different sizes of solar panel . As a result, it uses much cheaper poly-crystalline silicon that is an excellent choice. Limited by shape of all in one solar light shape, the integrated solar panel uses mono-crystalline silicon with better conversion rate.

   solar garden light

2.Shape the difference

Shape of Integrated solar light is more simple and easy to install. The shape of semi-solar light has beauty of line.

      solar yard light

3.Working requirements

Compared with the courtyard light, street light is the lighting light of the main traffic road, which has relevant standard requirements for illumination, light distribution and other parameters, while the courtyard lamp has no special requirements.

                                                                                 flood light