The principle of solar street light controller and solar street light?

The main function of the solar street light controller is to control the charging of the solar cell to the battery, and to control the output current of the battery to the LED light source at night.The lamp can light automatically in the dark. It can feel there is no current input to the solar panel through dark control, then automatic identify darkness automatically. This time control will automatically control the battery discharge to the LED light source, to achieve the light control function.Time control refers to the time that the light is on every day.For example, the light can be on for 4 hours, 5 hours, 6 hours, even 12 hours.

The controller has the function of light control + time control, and automatically lights up after dark, so the solar street light is safe and energy-saving, green and environmentally friendly, without manual operation, stable and reliable, saving electricity costs and maintenance.


1.introduction to the basic composition of the system

The solar street light system consists of solar panel, solar controller (light control + time control), LED light source, battery and light pole.The solar panel has a light efficiency of 120Wp/m2, which is highly efficient and beneficial to the wind-resistant design of the system.

Battery box with stainless steel or galvanized iron spray as material, beautiful and durable;The maintenance-free lead-acid battery and charge and discharge controller are placed in the control box.Under normal circumstances, the solar street light system chooses valve-controlled sealed lead-acid battery. Due to its little maintenance, it is also called “maintenance-free battery”, which is conducive to the reduction of system maintenance costs.In terms of design, the charge and discharge controller gives consideration to both functions (including light control, time control, over-charge protection, over-discharge protection and reverse connection protection) and cost control, achieving a high cost performance ratio.

2.introduction to working principle

Simple working principle of the solar street light system, solar street light manufacturers use light born V effect principle of solar battery solar panels during the day to receive sunlight radiation energy into electricity output, after stored in the storage battery charging and discharging controller, the night when the illumination was gradually reduced to about 10 lux, solar panels around the open circuit voltage of 4.5 V, charge and discharge controller detects the voltage value of the action, the battery to discharge light holder.Usually, the battery discharge time can be set manually, also can choose the light control, the most important role of the solar charge and discharge controller is to protect the battery, and control the lighting switch of the street light.

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