How does solar led light work?

1. simple working principle

Solar light is powered by sunlight.Solar panel receive solar radiation during the daytime,and convert light energy into electricity.

2 the area of lithium battery

It is used lithium battery in integrated solar light. The whole lamp is together.

3.About Direct current and invert-er ac problems

At present, solar street lamps are all DC systems, 12V or 24V. No additional invert-er are required.

4.Work principle of photo-voltaic controller

During the day, the port voltage of the panel is higher than the battery voltage. The controller will reduce the voltage to a certain appropriate range to charge the battery to protect the battery and extend its life.When the voltage is below a certain value, the controller will disconnect the battery from the panel.When lighting is needed, the controller connects the battery and the lamp to form a closed loop.

                    all in one solar light with camera

5.Full recharge condition of lithium battery

If it is full charged , the controller will also disconnect the closed loop formed by the panel and the battery, so that it will not be recharged.

6.How many years will solar street lamps last?

Solar street lamps are all LED light sources. The biggest characteristic of LED light source is its service life can reach 50,000 hours.