How should solar street lights be maintained?

In fact, in the street light industry, there are a lot of late maintenance needs your careful service, sometimes we have passed the strict quality inspection before leaving the factory, but the persistent operation, will also lead to some accidents, so how should we maintain the product?Next general street light to explain.


Controller inspection and maintenance, it affects the system lighting time and brightness changes.Because all parts of solar street lights system has a different life, control of brightness and illumination time is primarily a battery and solar street lights controller, if found that street light lighting time is not enough, should first check the battery power, at the same time check the solar street light controller, the controller of each manufacturer has manual, usually with work status display lights, you can figure out whether solar street lights system to work normally.


Daily maintenance of panels.Solar panels are the key components to provide energy for solar street light system, so it is necessary to ensure the integrity, cleanliness and good light absorption of solar panels.


Maintenance of solar battery.Mainly including one is to pay attention to theft, the second is to check whether the solar street light system charging and discharging is normal, can refer to the work of the solar street light controller for a preliminary judgment.