these points about solar light need to be known

Solar energy market is now mixed, true, false, so how to buy the right solar lamps and lanterns, these knowledge points need to  be known.

1.Solar panel

Solar panels are divided into monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon. Monocrystalline silicon has high conversion efficiency, while polycrystalline silicon has lower conversion efficiency than monocrystalline silicon.But when it comes to power, 100W monocrystalline silicon and 100W polysilicon are the same concept, butsize ofpolysilicon is a little bit bigger.


Battery energy storage is divided into two types: traditional lead-acid colloid maintenant-free battery and lithium battery.

Lead-acid battery, conventional battery, life cycle is not as good as lithium battery, and has memory, not 100% discharge, only 75% discharge depth, now not recommended.

Lithium battery is divided into iron phosphate lithium battery and ternary lithium battery, iron phosphate lithium battery must be more expensive than ternary lithium.Use is the same, here recommended ternary lithium battery.

Generally, lithium iron is not recommended, because lithium iron is higher than three lithium 1/3, as long as the market is using lithium iron to do solar energy, are used to reused the battery, old battery, also only with dismantling battery, to ensure the price, life is basically not guaranteed.So, when you see lithium iron is cheaper than ternary lithium, you know you’re using a detachable battery. I know one factory specializes in dismantling lithium iron phosphate batteries, which are purchased in large quantities from abroad, then dismantled and matched again, and then made into solar lamps for the market.


Controller, different manufacturers, different quality.Big brands will also have problems, mainly depending on the assembly plant program mastery.

4.Housing material

Housing material, now there are die-cast aluminum material and ABS plastic material.Different people have different opinions.Die – casting is better, resistant to typhoon.