Guide to 6 common types of solar street lights

There are various types of solar street lights. In the outdoor, different scenes need to match different lights.

1.Split solar street light

Split type solar street light has no specific lighting occasions, it is the most common, the most widely used. It is capable of meeting any different configuration requirements regardless of the installation environment.Overcast and rainy days too long place, configuration requirements are high, panel area and battery capacity with a big point, good lighting conditions, configuration requirements are lower, panel area and battery capacity with a small point.

2.Integrated solar streetlight

Light source, battery, solar panel ,all in one, called integration.

all in one

Integrated solar street light a single light, including solar panels, lithium battery, controller and light source, its installation is convenient, simple appearance generous, do not need to carry out complex assembly, threading wiring, cover the light pole can start to work.

The integrated solar street light is equipped with an intelligent microwave induction system, which can adjust the light and dark according to the moving objects. This design not only saves energy storage, but also enhances the endurance of the street light.

3.Wind-solar complementary street light

Wind energy and solar energy are both clean energy. In areas where solar power is not enough, streetlights can use wind power to assist in their work. Hence, wind-solar complementary streetlights came into being.

4.Solar wall light

Wall light is suitable for roof roof, garden gate, courtyard, outdoor balcony, corridor corridor.Wall light partial landscape, beautiful shape, according to the architectural characteristics to match, create a good atmosphere space.

Wall light does not occupy a space, installation is convenient, price is not expensive, average family can use.

5.Solar yard light

Solar energy courtyard light is made specially for the courtyard, extremely rich artistic characteristic, have elegant restore ancient ways, have contracted vogue, also have expensive costly costly, in building style diversity today, choose courtyard light to also want to pay attention to scientific collocation.

6.Solar lawn light

The last kind of solar lawn light.Lawn light volume is small, has a strong decorative role, generally used in the park path, around the courtyard, the pool next to the square green, perfect night flowers and plants posture show out, to achieve a unique environment, rich levels, rich atmosphere, colorful artistic effect.

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