What are the advantages of solar monitoring?

Solar monitoring technology has been widely used in modern residential areas, transportation, transportation, water conservancy, shipping,

public security, fire protection and other fields.With the development of wireless technology, the application of wireless transmission technology is more and more accepted by all walks of life.

1. low overall cost

only one-time investment, no need to dig ditch buried pipe,

especially suitable for outdoor distance and has been decorated occasions;In many cases,

users are often limited by the geographical environment and work content, such as mountains,

ports and open areas and other special geographical environment, to wire network, wire transmission wiring engineering brings great inconvenience,

the construction period of wire will be very long, or even impossible to achieve.

At this time, the use of solar monitoring can get rid of the shackles of cables,

has the advantages of short installation cycle, easy maintenance, strong capacity expansion, and rapid recovery of costs.

2. The maintenance cost is low.

The maintenance of solar monitoring is maintained by the network provider.

Solar power monitoring system is the combination of monitoring and wireless transmission technology,

it can be different locations of field information real-time solar monitoring center via wireless communication.

In the solar power monitoring system, solar power monitoring center need real-time video information point to point,

and the video information must be straight and clear.At the solar monitoring point, the scene is usually captured in real time by a camera,

which is connected to the video wireless transmission equipment and sends the data signal to the monitoring center by radio waves.

3.widely used

can be widely used in a wide range of distributed security monitoring,

traffic monitoring, industrial monitoring, home monitoring and many other fields.Such as plot,

bank tellers, supermarkets, factories and other solar energy monitoring, supervision, kindergartens,

schools provide remote solar monitoring service, electricity power stations, telecomputer base station unmanned systems, oil, drilling, exploration and other solar energy monitoring system,

intelligent building solar energy monitoring important stages according to the network video monitoring business practice in recent years,

the development of wireless network video monitoring technology and different user group of the development of the demand for wireless video monitoring level.