What kind of solar street light manufacturers is a good supplier

In recent years,
with the country’s strong support for the environmental protection industry,
the solar street light industry has been developing faster and faster. With the development,
more and more solar street light products are available on the market,
but more and more problems have also been derived.
Illumination Uneven, unreasonable light distribution, etc.
Recently, a famous writer pointed out on social media that “the street lamp in the village is similar to a ghost story, and a horror film is enough.”
The reasons for this are as follows:
1. The light distribution of this lamp is not reasonable. The searchlights are the same;
2. The lights are too glare, and the glare is too severe;
3. The color temperature and display are unreasonable, and the light environment created is too poor;
4. The illumination is unreasonable and the uniformity is too poor.
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Original text from a famous writer
Further thinking about why this phenomenon is caused, because the industry lacks standards.
From the perspective of users, due to the lack of understanding of the technology of the solar street light industry,
only a brief understanding of some simple mainstream configurations in the market,
such as: How many watts, how much capacity the battery needs,
how many lamp beads. So you can only use these less realistic parameters as selection criteria.
The choice of the user determines the choice of the manufacturer.
Because the industry lacks standards and the user does not understand the market,
many bad manufacturers seize market vulnerabilities and use inferior materials and accessories to join together.
This has caused confusion in the industry.
Happening. What is the standard of solar street lights?
Guangzhou Best has pondered deeply and finally got an answer.
What the user bought was not parameters, configuration, or power,
but what the user bought was light, and returned to the user’s essential needs,
researched the real user needs, and worked out the quality standards for solar street lights. ,
The first Rs standard, the total amount of light radiation and light quality to test solar street lights.
Total light radiation
Guangzhou Best has found and defined an industry term that can measure the luminous capacity of solar street lights: light radiation (Rs),
which is the total amount of light emitted by solar street lights every night, and the unit is expressed in lmh.
In addition, there is another requirement for light: the quality of light.
This quality includes elements such as light type, uniformity, color temperature, and display index.
Light type—the shape of light shining on the ground
The photoelectric conversion rate is particularly scarce, so light is particularly precious for solar street lights.
In order to maximize the use of each inch of light,
Guangzhou Best has been researching the reasonable use of light types to reduce the waste of external light on the road. Finally,
a patented lens was developed to redistribute light to make the light parallel to the road, improving the light utilization rate.
Uniformity—the difference between the brightest and darkest light on the road
Recently, the Guangzhou Best team visited the Gansu area,
and compared the local ordinary solar street lights with the
Guangzhou Best solar smart street lights.
Through comparison, the data was obtained: ordinary street lights 60 watts, central illumination 32, 7 meters, illumination 5, 10 meters Illumination 0.
Guangzhou Best Solar Smart Street Light, 30-watt center illumination 27,7 meters illumination 14,10 meters illumination 7,15 meters illumination3.
solar street light manufacturers solar street light manufacturers
Through comparison, we found that Guangzhou Best Solar Smart Street Light has better uniformity than ordinary solar street lights.
The center of ordinary street lights has high illuminance.
For illuminance, the illuminance is analyzed from a professional angle.
The total amount of light is fixed. The worse the degree is,
the better the Guangzhou Best has always emphasized uniformity,
and it will not sacrifice uniformity to the central illuminance.
Guangzhou Best has spent a lot of effort on the uniformity of the product,
and developed a number of patents to reasonably distribute the light,
solve the problems of concentrated light beams, obvious dark spots, etc.,
and achieve the effect of larger irradiation area and more uniform light.
In addition, through data comparison,
Guangzhou Best Solar Smart Street Light is also significantly larger than ordinary street lights in terms of illuminance area,
and has high visibility at night, providing a better lighting environment for pedestrians.
Color temperature—the color of light perceived by the human eye
The color temperature of the light source is different, so is the light color.
The light with a low color temperature is yellowish.
We call it warm tones. In terms of emotion, warm tones give a warm feeling. In effect, yellow light has good haze permeability.
The light with a high color temperature is whiter.
Emotionally, cold tones. Gives a visual sense of coldness. In terms of function,
high color temperature white light is used for road lighting with intermediate visual effects, good visibility,
and brighter than low color temperature yellow light.
However, the color temperature is too high or too low will cause people to feel uncomfortable.
One of the writers mentioned above pointed out that “the street lights in the village are similar to ghost stories” because the color temperature is not reasonable.
Under different circumstances, the color temperature is emotional and functional All have different meanings.
Guangzhou Best not only has to maintain a suitable color temperature, but also has to have a suitable color temperature effect in different environments.
Comparison of different color temperatures
Explicit indication—the degree to which the light source restores the color of the object
The higher the index, the stronger the reducing power of light, but the smaller the brightness.
Explicit indications are not reasonable, and the light environment created will be worse,
and vice versa. Guangzhou Best is recommended to adopt a compromise method on the light indication of solar smart street lights,
and the indication should be ≥70.
Glare-the dazzling intensity of light felt by the human eye
Glare can cause visual fatigue,
it has certain effects on the eyes and causes eye discomfort, and glare may cause certain dangers when driving or outdoor sports.
Therefore, no glare, anti-glare is also a standard for light quality.
Guangzhou Best is pursuing the ultimate goal of light quality-to make eyes more comfortable.
In the research and development of solar street light products,
we also pay attention to anti-glare, so that users have a better light environment.
The RS standard pioneered by Guangzhou Best, tests the standard of solar street lights with the total amount of light radiation and the quality of light.
The development of the industry requires standards.
Only by standardizing the industry can the industry develop in the direction of standardization and standardization.
Guangzhou Best is dedicated to the solar street light industry and adheres to the “Lighting the Road to Wisdom” as its corporate mission.
It is committed to storing and restoring sunlight to make street lights more and more close to the effect of sunlight.
At present, Guangzhou Best Solar Smart Street Lights have been lit 120 In many countries and regions, in the future,
Guangzhou Best will continue its efforts to bring light to more places,
brighten more cities,
and lead the solar lighting industry to develop in a smart and standardized direction to promote the clean and green development of global energy.