What is solar led street lights(All in one solar street light)?

Solar street lights are powered by crystalline silicon solar cells,
Maintenance-free valve-regulated sealed batteries (colloid batteries) to store electrical energy,
Ultra-bright LED lamps as light sources, and controlled by intelligent charge-discharge controllers to replace traditional public power lighting Street light.
No need to lay cables, no AC power supply, no electricity costs;
DC power supply and control; good stability,
Long life, high luminous efficiency, easy installation and maintenance,
high safety performance, energy saving and environmental protection, economical and practical.
Can be widely used in urban main, secondary roads, communities, factories, tourist attractions,
parking lots and other places.
Product parts Light pole structure:
Steel light pole and bracket, plastic sprayed surface, special anti-theft stainless steel screws for battery board connection.
Composition of solar street light system
The solar street light system is composed of LED light source (including drive), solar panel, battery (including battery insulation box), solar street light controller,
street light pole (including foundation), and auxiliary wire.
Advantages of solar street lights
1. Energy-saving: Solar energy is used to provide electrical energy, which is inexhaustible and inexhaustible;
2. Environmental protection: no pollution, no noise, no radiation;
3. Safety: No accidents such as electric shock and fire;
4. Convenient: Simple installation, no need to wire or “open the door” to dig the ground, and there are no concerns about power outages and power restrictions;
5. Long life: the product has high technology content, the control system and accessories are international brands, intelligent design, reliable quality;
6. High grade: technology products, green energy, the users pay attention to science and technology, improve the green image and upgrade the grade;