Easiest solar street light maintenance and repair of solar street lights

Easiest solar street light maintenance and repair of solar street lights

If in doubt, check the following:

First, the first test is not bright

solar street light maintenance
1. Check whether the waterproof joint is in place according to the groove, and whether there are holes that are not properly or not tightly connected.
2. If the solar panel is in a light-free environment, you can bounce the solar panel to the ground. In sunny weather, you need to completely cover the back of the solar panel with items, because there will be light transmission under strong light and the solar panel will be charged

Second. It’s ok to try to light up, it won’t light up on the third (n) day after installation

1. It is necessary to check whether the installation position of the solar panel is in direct sunlight, and there is no obstruction around it (such as trees, power poles, eaves, etc.). If there is obstruction, move the lamp to a sunny place

Third, the lamps with aluminum battery box, such as solar Garden light solar yard light , etc. will light up after installation.

1. If this happens on the first day, turning off the light until the day is considered normal.
Some points to consider when the lights are still off
(1) It is necessary to determine whether the customer has reversed the wire, that is, the wire on the battery corresponding to the lamp holder and solar panel is wrong.
(2) If you confirm that the customer’s wiring is correct, you need to open the lid of the solar panel and check whether the positive and negative wires of the cable are reversed. Normally, it is positive-brown; negative blue.