In recent years, with the country’s strong support for the environmental protection industry, the solar street light industry has been developing faster and faster. With the development, more and more solar street light products are available on the market, but more and more problems have also been derived. Illumination Uneven, unreasonable light distribution, etc. Recently, […]

Solar street light is a new type of energy-saving and environmentally friendly street light. It does not retain garbage and does not affect nature. Therefore, many urban lighting projects currently prefer solar street lights. However, there are often customer feedback that the solar street light’s light suddenly goes off, which is suspected to be a […]

Solar monitoring technology has been widely used in modern residential areas, transportation, transportation, water conservancy, shipping, public security, fire protection and other fields.With the development of wireless technology, the application of wireless transmission technology is more and more accepted by all walks of life.

The reason why the solar light is so popular is that it has many incomparable advantages compared with ordinary lights.

Solar light is powered by ether and sunshine. Solar panels charge the battery during the day and the battery supplies power to the light source at night. There is no need for complicated and expensive pipeline laying.

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In fact, in the street light industry, there are a lot of late maintenance needs your careful service, sometimes we have passed the strict quality inspection before leaving the factory, but the persistent operation, will also lead to some accidents, so how should we maintain the product?Next general street light to explain.

Street lighting, a good choice for outdoor lighting, has become an indispensable part of public facilities.However, not all street lamps are the same. Different climate and environment in different regions, as well as the degree of attention paid by the government and the concept of environmental protection will affect the choice of street lamps.On the whole, the street lamps are mainly divided into two categories, street lamps and solar street lamps.So what’s the difference between the two?

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For road lighting, compared with traditional street lamps, the installation of solar street lights relatively simple. However, what details need to be paid attention to after the installation,?These details are directly related to the future use of solar street lights.So what are the details of the problem, today I sum up some points there. First After the […]

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