1. simple working principle Solar light is powered by sunlight.Solar panel receive solar radiation during the daytime,and convert light energy into electricity. 2 the area of lithium battery It is used lithium battery in integrated solar light. The whole lamp is together. 3.About Direct current and invert-er ac problems At present, solar street lamps are […]

The main function of the solar street light controller is to control the charging of the solar cell to the battery, and to control the output current of the battery to the LED light source at night.The lamp can light automatically in the dark. It can feel there is no current input to the solar panel through dark control, then automatic identify darkness automatically.

Because of energy-saving environmentally protection and easy installation , solar light is increasingly popular with people .some customers only focus on the advantages of solar street lamp , but the quality and specification. It is easy to make the purchase error.If you blindly pursue the high brightness, good shape and low price . And ignore the quality and cost performance of the lamps themselves, then it is not worth the loss.Next, I will tell you what are the four pitfalls of choosing solar street lamps?

Solar street light is popular with people as its efficient and energy-saving advantage.There are three kinds of solar battery, which are lithium iron phosphate battery, lead-acid battery and gel battery. Among them, lithium iron phosphate battery starts to get more and more favor from solar energy industry due to its service life higher than other two.So what are the advantages of lithium batteries?