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CCTV Camera All In One solar street light is a surveillance lighting integrated solar street light.
Street lights include:
1, the light house,
2. Solar panels are installed on the back of the lamp housing.
3. A battery is installed in the lamp housing.
4. A solar control system is connected between the battery and the solar panel.
5. A light source for illumination and a camera for monitoring are also installed in the lamp housing.
6. The camera is connected to the battery and powered by the battery, and the front side of the lamp housing is covered by the front cover plate;
7. The front cover plate has a light source hole and a camera hole, and the light source extends out of the light source hole, and the camera extends out of the camera hole.
The advantages of this product are:
1. When the night is passed, the solar control system detects the voltage of the solar panel and automatically lights up;
2. At dawn, the solar control system automatically turns off the light by detecting the voltage of the solar panel, and starts charging the lithium battery;
3, set the camera and TF card slot, large-capacity lithium battery can ensure that the monitor works 24 hours a day, the monitor has a card automatic recording function, so that users can view real-time monitoring images.
4, the camera can be connected to wifi or 4g network

All In One solar street light with cctv