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All in two solar street light are an extended application of all in one solar street lights.
While retaining the convenience,
the split structure can arbitrarily adjust the direction of the solar panel and the lamp head according to the solar radiation intensity and the direction of the illumination.
The all in two  solar street light provides a flexible solution for the demanding illumination requirements of complex roads.
Street lights are so simple that there is no need to bury the battery,
no complicated wiring or setup.
Any place with sunshine can be installed.
Depending on the environment,
it can be mounted on a wall or mounted on a pole.
All you have to do is screw it on a few screws to fix it. That’s it.
    Turns on the lights automatically at night, and turns off the lights automatically when it is dawn.
With super-all-aluminum frame, it is light in weight, high in strength,
corrosion-resistant and resistant to strong typhoon of class 12.
The product is aluminum, and the heat dissipation is excellent. It has been proven in the desert city for many years.
        It lights up automatically in the dark and controls the lighting mode in 7 hours. The solar panel can be adjusted according to the direction of sunshine, and the solar power can be used reasonably. The lighting time is 5-7 days and rainy days, and the product life is 10 years.