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The solar power supply system is composed of a solar cell module, a solar controller, and a battery (group).

The inverter can also be configured as needed. Solar energy is a clean and renewable new energy source.

It has a wide range of functions in people’s lives and work. One of them is to convert solar energy into electric energy.

Solar power generation is divided into solar thermal power generation and photovoltaic power generation.

Generally speaking, solar power generation refers to solar photovoltaic power generation,

which has the characteristics of no moving parts, no noise, no pollution, high reliability, etc.,

and has excellent application prospects in communication power supply systems in remote areas.

Application field

family lighting power: such as garden lights, street lights, portable lights, camping lights, hiking lights, fishing lights, black lights, tapping lights, energy-saving lamps.
6, photovoltaic power station: 10KW-50MW independent photovoltaic power station, scenery (wood) complementary power station, various large parking plant charging stations.