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Because of energy-saving environmentally protection and easy installation , solar light is increasingly popular with people .some customers only focus on the advantages of solar street lamp , but the quality and specification. It is easy to make the purchase error.If you blindly pursue the high brightness, good shape and low price . And ignore the quality and cost performance of the lamps themselves, then it is not worth the loss.Next, I will tell you what are the four pitfalls of choosing solar street lamps?

The integrated solar street lamp is composed of five parts of the lamp pole, the panel, the battery, the controller and the LED lamp.And integrated solar street lamp will be in addition to the components of the lamp pole are concentrated into one, made a lamp head, the lamp head is an independent intelligent power generation and discharge system, do not need complex assembly, configuration lamp pole or arm can be used.

NEW design solar street light 2018 latest hign lumen SEOUL SMD 3030 LED chip, wide wattage for option 10W 20W 30W 40W 50W 60W 80W, use in Highway, Path, Garden, Sidewalk, Rural, Bridge, Overpass, School, Field… BST-SOLTL-SO, wattage: 10w,20w,30w,40w,50w,60w,80w adopt Seoul SMD LED chip, finish product lumen effect reach 100-110lm/W, Smart PMW IP65 controller, 4 […]